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Each real-time abortion counter is based on the most current statistics* for the number of abortions in the US & the number of abortions Worldwide.

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* Documentation for the basis for the Abortion Counters (Guttmacher, etc.)

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Below are the sources for the statistics used and rationale for the number of abortions used in the abortion counters. Each abortion counter is a real-time estimate of the number of abortions in the US and the number of abortions worldwide based on the very latest data of the actual number of abortions performed in past years. The eleven abortion counters include: number of abortions in the US today, number of abortions in the US since Roe versus Wade (1973), number of abortions in the US this year, number of abortions in the US this year due to rape or incest, number of abortions in the US this year after 16 weeks gestation, number of abortions by Planned Parenthood since 1970, and the number of abortions by planned Parenthood this year, number of abortions worldwide since 1980, number of abortions worldwide this year, and number of abortions worldwide today.

 * The abortions in the counters on this site were historically almost all “surgical abortions”. The percentage of abortions performed with chemical abortifacients like mifepristone rose from 16.4% in 2008 to 39.4% in 2017. The Pharmacists for Life organization estimates that approximately 250 million babies aborted chemically since 1973 in the USA:
* The Guttmacher Institute, originally formed as a division of Planned Parenthood of America, reported 42 million abortions World-Wide in 2003 which was down from 46 million in 1995.  The study was funded by the World Health Organization, an agency of the UN and the World Bank.
* In January 2014, the Guttmacher Institute reported:   1.05 million abortions in the US in 2012 and 4.8% of abortions in the US occurred from week 16 of pregnancy to week 32.  US 2014 STUDY on abortions: 

World Wide STUDY on abortions:  

 *  The National Right to Life Committee reported on their 1/2021 fact sheet  ( )    that the total of  US abortions since 1973 (RVW) through 2019  was 62,502,904 based  on state government health organization data & the Guttmacher Institute data including factoring in the possible 3% undercount cited by GI for their own figures.

* Planned Parenthood reports the number of abortions performed each year in their annual report. Planned Parenthood’s 2005-2006 annual report states that they committed 264,943 abortions in the USA in 2005 and from 1977 through 2005, Planned Parenthood performed 4,068,749 abortions in the USA.  More recent PP annual reports show they committed 289,750 in 2006, 305,310 in 2007, 324,008 in 2008, 331,796 in 2009,  and 329,445 in 2010.  They reported 333,924 in 2011, 327,166 in 2012, 327166 in 2013, 323999 in 2014, 328,348 in 2015, 321,384 in 2016,  332,757 in 2017 and 345,672 in 2018.

* The World Wide abortion counters uses one of the more conservative estimates on the number of abortions world-wide since 1980 (40 Million per year for 30  years which is the number used in our counters above)  and this equals 1,200,000 Billion (from ). The Guttmacher 2018 Wordwide Data Sheet reported: "During 2010–2014, an estimated 56 million induced abortions occurred each year worldwide. This number represents an increase from 50 million annually during 1990–1994, mainly because of population growth."

* All the US abortion counters show results with one decimal place displayed.  This was originally done to show that these abortion counters are active and not a static count.  If you look at abortion procedures like Dilation & Evacuation   or Partial-Birth abortion (, you realize that the abortion takes place in pieces over time so the decimal places do represent some reality. 

 * Why did we include a “black baby counter”:  Two African-American Religious-based web sites asked us to put in a black baby counter to highlight the disparity of the high number of abortions in the black population.  Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, had eliminating her view of "undesireables" as an objective in her eugenics plan. You will find many large PP clinics in the inner cities.

 * Why is there a "After 16 weeks gestation" abortion counter?  There is a lot of argument about "When does life begin" ?  It would seem to be pretty hard for anyone to argue that a baby at 16 weeks gestation "is just a blob of tissue" based on what the scientific community knows today about the development of a baby at 16 weeks:

- The body is fully formed, the fingers and toes have fingerprints & nails.
- Is about 5 inches long and weighs  about 3 ounces, about the size of a large avacado.
- The baby is moving about: may grasp for the umbilical cord , suck it's thumb, and  is capable of making facial expressions and kicking at the amniotic sac.
- The heart & circulatory system and the urinary tract are fully functioning. and the blood is pumping through these tiny veins
- The baby is inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluid through the lungs.
 -The eyes are in the proper position, and the baby can see straight ahead & blink his/her eyelids.
- The genitals have formed. In the case of a girl, the uterus has already developed and the ovaries are in the proper place.
- Umberto Castiello, University of Padova, Italy  reported unborn babies have the ability to interact as early as 14 weeks into the pregnancy: "We conclude that performance of movements towards the co-twin is not accidental: already starting from the 14th week of gestation twin fetuses execute movements specifically aimed at the co-twin."

* This site is also accessible by  The original idea for a page of abortion counters came from the site is a very interesting perspective on the magnitude of the US debt obligations.Hopefully this page can bring some awareness to the magnitude of babies being aborted. Most Americans underguess the number of abortions by well over an order of magnitude when asked to guess the total since 1973.

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